Speaker: Jingjie Xiao

Data Scientist @Instacart

Jingjie is a data scientist on the delivery logistics team at Instacart. The team focuses on developing real-time dispatching algorithms to decide how to route shoppers to store locations to pick groceries and deliver them to customers’ door-steps in as little as one hour. 
Jingjie received her Ph.D. in industrial engineering at Purdue and studied automation at Tsinghua.  

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  • Groking Timeseries & Sequential Data

    Techniques, practices, and approaches, including image recognition, NLP, predictions, & modeling.

  • Deep Learning in Practice

    Deep learning lessons using Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch, Caffe including use cases on machine translation, computer vision, & image recogition.

  • AI Meets the Physical World

    Where AI touches the physical world, think drones, ROS, NVidia, TPU and more.

  • Papers to Production: CS in the Real World

    Groundbreaking papers make real world impact.

  • Solving Software Engineering Problems with Machine Learning

    Anomaly detection, ML in IDE's, bayesian optimization for config. Machine Learning techniques for more effective software engineering.

  • Predictive Architectures in the Real World

    Case Study focused look at end to end predictive pipelines from places like Salesforce, Uber, Linkedin, & Netflix.