Speaker: Allison Buchholtz-Au

Program Manager II @Microsoft

Allison joined the Visual Studio PM team after graduating in 2015 from Harvard University with a degree in computer science. In her time at Microsoft, she's had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects spanning source control integration, new user onboarding, and developer productivity. Her current focus is Visual Studio IntelliCode, which aims to increase developer productivity by infusing machine learning and artifical intelligence into developer tools. Allison can be difficutl to find at times, as she's often traveling to conferences around the world to share her love and knowledge of all things Visual Studio. 


In her spare time, you can find her testing new recipes, relaxing at a brewery with her corgi Olive, and searching for sunshine in the not-so-sunny Seattle area.

Find Allison Buchholtz-Au at

2019 Tracks

  • Sequential Data: Natural Language, Time Series, and Sound

    Techniques, practices, and approaches around time series and sequential data. Expect topics including image recognition, NLP/NLU, preprocess, & crunching of related algorithms.

  • ML in Action

    Applied track demonstrating how to train, score, and handle common machine learning use cases, including heavy concentration in the space of security and fraud

  • Deep Learning in Practice

    Deep learning use cases around edge computing, deep learning for search, explainability, fairness, and perception.