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Presentation: DeepRacer and DeepLens, Machine Learning for Fun! (and Profit?)

Track: AI Meets the Physical World

Location: Cyril Magnin II

Duration: 12:00pm - 12:40pm

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 In 2017, Amazon announced the DeepLens, a machine learning enabled camera, which they released in 2018.  In 2018 they announced the DeepRacer, a 1/8 size model race car that is basically a DeepLens on wheels, which they will release in July.  In this talk, you'll hear about the speaker's attempts to do cool things with these machine learning "toys", learn about some of the basics of machine learning necessary to understand what's happening in the devices, and, assuming the device isn't being finicky, see a DeepRacer in action!  We will also have a torn down DeepRacer and DeepLens for you to look at and (gently) play with.  We'll also go over some possible real life use cases for the devices.  Come join us for machine learning fun!

Speaker: Jeremy Edberg

Cofounder @CloudNative

Jeremy is an angel investor and advisor for various incubators and startups, and the cofounder of CloudNative. He was the founding Reliability Engineer for Netflix and before that he ran ops for reddit as it's first engineering hire. Jeremy also tech-edited the highly acclaimed AWS for Dummies. He is a noted speaker in serverless computing, distributed computing, availability, rapid scaling, and cloud computing, and holds a Cognitive Science degree from UC Berkeley.

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