Handling Sequential Data Like an Expert / ML Applied to Operations

Day of week: Wednesday

Discussing the complexities of time, including hyper loglog, count min sketch, and more / Machine Learning in the data center. Exploring topics like Dynamic rebalancing in Dataflow, Predictive auto-scaling, and fault prediction.

Track Host:
Brad Klingerberg
VP Data Science @StitchFix

Brad Klingenberg leads a team of 20+ data scientists working on human-in-the-loop machine learning at Stitch Fix. His team develop the recommendation algorithms that guide our stylists, the human experts who curate the items selected for clients. We also match our clients and stylists together and measure, monitor and optimize the role of human selection in our recommendation system.

by Stephanie Yee
Data Science Engineer @stitchfix

Presentation details will be available soon.

by Dor Kedem
Senior Data Scientist @ING Nederland

Presentation details will be available soon.

by David Andrzejewski
Engineering Manager @SumoLogic

More details to come.


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  • Real-world Data Engineering

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