Gurinder Grewal
Risk Chief Architect @Paypal

Gurinder is responsible for building a multi-billion dollar technology portfolio that provides services to millions of users worldwide, handling billions of events per day, and maintaining 73 petabytes of data. The platform can save about $ 500 million in annual profits. Gurinder's technical team has 500 engineers. Gurinder has more than 20 years of experience in building and expanding large-scale complex distributed systems in different companies. Prior to joining PayPal, Gurinder was the architect of Kineto Wireless, which led to the innovation and development of the ultra-high-speed data platform in the Kineto telecom product line. Prior to that, he founded UpSync, the first to introduce plug-and-play mail server devices for the SMB market. Gurinder is also one of NetFuel's early employees, where he leads product development based on network processors. Earlier, he was one of the key members of the eBay architecture team, which expanded eBay's first-generation architecture during eBay's development of hockey effects. Gurinder started his career at Hitachi Metal in the mid-1990s, where he implemented WIP tracking and process management systems.

Talk: Data Pipelines for Real-Time Fraud Prevention at Scale


  • ML in Action

    Applied track demonstrating how to train, score, and handle common machine learning use cases, including heavy concentration in the space of security and fraud

  • Real-world Data Engineering

    Showcasing DataEng tech and highlighting the strengths of each in real-world applications.