Speaker: Bolke de Bruin

CTO of Wholesale Banking Advanced Analytics @ING_news (ING Bank)

Bolke de Bruin is CTO of Wholesale Banking Advanced Analytics at ING Bank. Next to that he is Apache Airflow committer and contributor to several other Apache projects. Bolke is passionate about embedding new ideas in the Wholesale Banking organization and strives to make Wholesale Banking more data driven. Before joining ING in 2008 Bolke worked at the 2004 summer and 2006 winter Olympic Games managing the technology, communication and data requirements for all news & media feeds at two large event locations. Bolke has also run his own start up commercializing multi-touch technology. At ING Bolke has been business manager to executive level management and a strategy consultant advising on a variety of different strategic business challenges. In his spare time, Bolke is a guest lecturer at the University of Amsterdam, fun father to Mattia (4) and can be found surfing, obstacle running (Ever done a 15km Mud Run? – www.obstakels.com) or taking in a museum when the opportunity arises.

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Proposed Tracks

  • Real-World Data Engineering

    Showcasing DataEng tech and highlighting the strengths of each in real-world applications.

  • Deep Learning Applications & Practices

    Deep learning lessons using Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch, Caffe across machine translation, computer vision.

  • AI Meets the Physical World

    The track where AI touches the physical world, think drones, ROS, NVidea, TPU and more.

  • Data Architectures You've Always Wondered About

    How did they do that? Real-time predictive pipelines at places like Uber, Self-Driving Cars at Google, Robotic Warehouses from Ocado in the UK, are all possible examples.

  • Applied ML for Software

    Practical machine learning inside the data centers and on software engineering teams.

  • Time Series Patterns & Practices

    Stocks, ad tech/real-time bidding, and anomaly detection. Patterns and practices for more effective Time Series work.