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Presentation: Deep Learning for Language Understanding (at Google Scale)

Track: Handling Sequential Data Like an Expert / ML Applied to Operations

Location: Cyril Magnin II

Duration: 10:35am - 10:45am

Day of week: Wednesday

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Written and spoken language are everywhere: customer reviews, online forums, chat applications, just to name a few. How can we use deep learning to extract meaning from these rich sources of data?

In this talk we'll take an in-depth look at the deep learning techniques for language understanding that are behind Google-scale applications like Gmail Smart Reply and Google Translate. We'll cover both the high level intuition for these techniques, and practical pointers for getting started in Tensorflow.

Speaker: Anjuli Kannan

Software Engineer @GoogleBrain

Anjuli Kannan is a senior software engineer at Google. She is a member of the Brain Team, which works to advance the field of machine intelligence through a combination of basic research, software (TensorFlow), and applications that improve people's lives. Anjuli is especially interested applications of machine learning to problems in natural language understanding. Recently she was a core member of the team that brought the Smart Reply feature to Inbox by Gmail. Launched in 2015, Smart Reply was the first Google-scale application to effectively apply recurrent neural networks in language understanding, as well as the first to leverage Google's open-source TensorFlow.

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