Convince your Boss

Want to attend 2018….but need some tips to justify your participation at this important event? To help, we have developed a template email below that you could use to assist in making your case. Edit as you see fit – we hope to see you in April!


Dear (NAME),

I would like your approval to attend the conference focusing on AI and machine learning in software engineering, taking place April 9-11th, 2018 at Parc 55 in San Francisco. is a conference for senior software engineers and architects on the patterns, practices, and use cases for applying Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning in software engineering. I would like to attend and represent our team as I feel I will:

  • Learn how software innovators are applying AI & machine learning in use-case oriented sessions
  • Hear about the tools and techniques of AI & machine learning that could help us
  • Gain hands-on experience in self-paced codelabs where I can develop my coding skills and ask questions to the codelab creators
  • Meet with AI and ML leaders from Google, Udacity, Uber, Coinbase, PayPal, Stitch Fix, Stripe and many others
  • Gain valuable insights and ideas that could help shape our AI and machine learning projects

The speakers all have a background in software and are currently working on AI and machine learning projects. What I find most interesting about is that the focus is not on data scientist, but on software engineers. It’s AI and ML for the software engineer. This creates a great opportunity for me to speak and learn from other engineers in the trenches with AI/ML. I feel this will help us with our objectives to introduce more machine learning into our platform.


  • There are 6 editorial tracks across 2 days, comprised of 30 sessions from which I can select content
  • Over 30 expert practitioner speakers from places like Coinbase, Stitch Fix, Google, Udacity, PayPal, ING Bank, Celect, Uber, Stripe, Instacart, Salesforce, Opendoor, were curated and handpicked by a committee of top engineering thought leaders.
  • In addition to the two days of technical content, offers one additional day of deep, real-world workshops.
  • I will have access to first-hand information on the most relevant technologies. I’ll learn how other companies are using languages and architectures in the best way. This will facilitate our adoption of these techniques and technologies
  • While attending, I will also have the opportunity to meet and share with my most important peers in the industry.

You can find more details about the event at

The most important thing about attending is that I will be able to bring back to our team insight into how leading data-driven software engineers at Google, Stitch Fix, Uber, Salesforce Einstein, Paypal, ING, and more are using machine learning and be able to apply it in our work here.

If I am able to attend, I would then like to present a summary of my experience, recommendations and findings to our team.

Thank you for your consideration!